The Health and Housing Group is a Society of Professionally Qualified Environmental Health and Housing Consultants in Private Practice and was established in 1986.

Members of the Health and Housing Group seek to promote reasonable standards of housing for everyone as we believe this has far reaching benefits for society as a whole.

In the early 1970's there was an increasing use of independent environmental health officers (EHOs), surveyors, architects and other specialists to secure repairs and improvements to bad housing and poor environmental conditions. This expertise was used in several ways - through education and publicity, through campaigning or through court actions, and sometimes by a combination of all these strategies.

Members of the Health and Housing Group were involved in many of these early campaigns and in many of the precedent setting court cases. This work sometimes secured benefits for whole categories of housing, an estate or a tower block, as well as for individual households. The sheer number of actions in the 1980's and 1990's resulted in changes to the law and policies on issues such as disrepair, houses in multiple occupation, asbestos, condensation, dampness and mould growth.